Staircases come in different forms which can be typically made up of steel, aluminum, or even wood. They help people move up and down, between floors. Thus, they differ according to the type of material used and design adopted. There can be spiral, vertical and circular staircases. Here we are talking about steel staircases which are very popular due to numerous advantages which they offer over traditional wooden staircases.


There are many types of steel staircases designs for you to choose or you can even design your own based on your creativity. One of the simplest designs is a straight staircase. It is simple and it is usually designed in an “L” shape. You can opt to have the stairs with or without railings. Some people who are creative enough might think of ways to fully utilize the stairs. There are designs to build drawers below the surface of the stairs. You can keep your shoes, books or other small rarely used items in the drawers.


Saving space in homes is critical since contemporary families have so many more things that require a place of their own than their counterparts of a few decades ago. All of those things must be taken care of, and well thought out steel stairs are just one way to utilize space wisely.


The cost of building staircases depends on the material used for building as well as the labor hours needed to build, assemble and affix the creation. Consider the many types of stairways that you have seen in your lifetime. Cement and brick play a part in yards and community parks. Rough-hewn logs split in half are common in wilderness areas and on paths leading from cliffs down to the sea. Tempered glass in an art gallery and durable plastic for short climbs that children make are other methods used by builders.


There are two components that make up steel stairs. Those components are the riser and the tread. The riser is the part that extends from one floor to the next, and the tread is attached horizontally between two risers. Some stairs, especially those that have a wide span for the tread, require a carriage or stringer which is used to provide extra support for the steps.


No stairs of any kind would be complete with handrails to provide support for those who will be climbing them. Without these safety devices it would be easy for someone to step right off from a high height. Nearly everyone who uses stairs also grasp the handrails for added safety.