Palisade Fencing

Steel palisade is a reliable, extremely safe fence choice. The palisade fence is typically manufactured making use of steel, making it durable and also difficult to break down whilst the concept alone offers a solid visual deterrent. Spikes on top of Palisade panels make the climb really hard and uncomfortable should a trespasser make it to the top. Palisade is preferred when it comes to industrial and business sites. It offers economical maintenance and easy solution to protecting boundaries.


Typical palisade fencing panels are offered with 16 pales per 3M wide panel, of either 25mm, 30mm, or 40mm pale sizes. Various other non-standard kind panels might be manufactured to customers requirements.

Palisade fencing is characterised by round, flat or triangular tops of the panels. This allows light through and is often used when people need to segregate their garden or area without the need for full privacy.


The installation of these types of fences can either be with using gravel boards or not. This should be stated when purchasing.


Palisade is also available as security fencing and can be made with galvanised steel.


This can be treated with a plastic coating in various colours or it can be powder coated again in various colours.


If your fencing is subject to high winds using conventional panels can cause a great deal of strain on the posts supporting the panels.


The other option of fencing to use is called hit and miss fencing, this comprises of pieces of wood behind and in front of the framework of the fencing.


This gives more privacy but it is not as easy for the wind to travel through the fencing.


Steel palisade security fence panels are an option that also comes in a range of heights to suit your specific requirements. This type of fence is good because it is very strong and can blend in well with the environment where it is fitted. Like other security fences it can be topped with different levels of security features depending on need. Steel palisade fencing also has the advantage of being quick and easy to install.


Another type of effective security fencing is chainlink. This has a very good security record as well as being a relatively low cost and flexible option. It is most often used as perimeter fencing in private and commercial situations. The fence posts for these fence panels are often manufactured from reinforced concrete or steel which provides added strength and security.


Buy the best palisade fencing you can afford.


Try to get several options – a budget version, a middle of the range version, and the top of the line, best system on offer. Remember, labour costs are the only thing that will vary – you might be surprised at the relatively small difference!


Also, fencing of this type is an investment in the security and aesthetic appeal of your home. Saving money now might cost you later!


Get a guarantee.


Most good contractors will give you a guarantee, if not on the materials (you might live very close to a corrosive element, like the ocean) then at least on the workmanship. If they’re not willing – walk away.


Lastly, remember that with security, like anything else, you do get what you pay for. Cheap is nasty.