Carports for Sale and Installation in Johannesburg, Pretoria, West Rand and East Rand

Because not all homes have a garage, and not everyone can afford one at their home either, car owners look for other ways to protect their vehicles. A carport is the answer.

Steel carports make a great choice for commercial property, including retail space and office spaces. Depending on the property and type of steel carport you have, there are many advantages to using them. These are just a few of the benefits.

A carport, an open-sided roofed structure, is used to store at least one car, van or truck. It can also be used for storage of a trailer, caravan, boat, boat, vehicle, and other items. A carport does not require a garage or garage door opener. However, they often have less storage than garages. Carports can be attached to a side or freestanding. Carports can be found in front of homes leading to the driveway. Others are in backyards or side yards and are made from dirt, concrete or gravel.


Carports are specially designed to protect cars, vans and trucks. They are freestanding structures. A few exceptions to this rule are those that can be mounted on a wall. A carport is not protected by a wall like other structures. Carports can be used by car owners to protect their cars.


We have designed designs that are both attractive and adaptable to meet specific customer needs. All our products are made from high quality materials and come in a wide range of colors.

Custom, Single, Double Carport sizes

Single Carport: 5.0m x 3.0m; Double Carport: 5.0mx4.8m Naturally, we will manufacture according to your specifications.


Premium metal carports provide the strongest protection and durability for your vehicle. Steel carports are very durable and require little maintenance. They also offer the best quality and value for your money long-term.


Our carports come in many different colours and materials. They can be customized to fit the architecture or style of any building, home, factory, or business. Your property will be significantly improved by the quality of our carports.


Steel or metal carports offer the most durability. Although it’s more costly than most other carports, it’s highly recommended. For longer protection, metal carports can be properly maintained using modern equipment and processes. The metal carports can be used for a long time and should not need to be removed.


We are proud of our extensive experience and have successfully completed many installations throughout Gauteng, Johannesburg, Pretoria, West Rand, East Rand and other areas. Honesty and reliability are the keys to our success. We deliver high quality work every time.


Steel can also be fire-resistant and is not susceptible to termites, mold or water damage. Wood carports can be very beautiful and designed to complement a home’s style. Wood carports are durable if they are maintained properly. Vinyl carports can be set up quickly and they are waterproof.


Awnmaster has been providing high quality coverage for over 40 years. We offer products that are timeless and can be used with any type of structure.


Aluminum carports can be lightweighted and come in many colors that coordinate well with your house. Aluminum carports can be either portable or permanently constructed. Aluminum is lighter than steel and can be used to make portable carports. The lightweight aluminum frame may be combined with a canopy made of cloth. This type of carport is often used outdoors for sun protection and wind protection, such as when camping on the beach or hunting.

Our extensive selection of high-quality carport products are available for both manufacturing and installation.


A single carport is 3mx6m. Double carsports 6mx6m are the most popular. Our carports can be attached to any existing structure, garage or home.


You can select from many carport roof cover options and plans depending on your location. IRB sheeting and Aluminium are the most popular materials.


There are many options when it comes to the design of your carport. You will first need to choose if your carport should have a flat or gabled roof. A gabled roof like a shingled one can give your carport a more elegant and finished look. A flat room can also be a great choice for most purposes.


The process of building and installing your carport is quick when you have chosen a carport. Your new carport can be up and running in much less time than other methods of construction. Your carport can be installed either by a professional who works with your carport company or by your contractor.


The best way to streamline your carport construction is by hiring professionals who are affiliated with that company.

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Shade Ports and Carports

Carports made from aluminium or galvanised steel are manufactured. The roof sheets used can range from different materials in an IBR profile and can either be attached or freestanding. You can adapt our carports to be used as walkways or storage sheds.


Our unique ceiling designs include a ceiling, gutter, and fascia. They can be used as roofing or patios. An easy alternative to traditional roofing.


Carports are built from a basic framework of posts, roof and support. You can make carports from any material you like, including wood, vinyl or aluminum. However, steel is often the most sturdy and durable. A galvanized steel carport with a single-piece roof offers a zinc finish that resists rust and a strong roof structure. Carport roofs made up of multiple sections might not be as strong.