Burglar Bars - Johannesburg, Pretoria Gauteng Region

There is no doubt that burglar bars are the perfect external window security solution. Now, we are left with the dilemma in choosing the right one. In the back of our mind, we want to protect our premises but at the same time spend the right amount of money in doing so.


Burglar bars consist of a frame with bars in between. It is made of stainless steel or aluminum due to their anti corrosion properties. If you opt for a cheaper bar, you can go for normal steel material with quality coating and painting and the maintenance for this type of material is usually higher. So, make sure you take this into account before decide on the material you prefer.


In some cases, bars are cheaper than many other different security options that you might be interested in. You can further save money by installing them yourself if you have the skill and ability to. However, if you are unsure of what you are doing, then it is best to let a professional install the bars for you instead. It is important that the bars are firmly attached and will not easily be removed in any scenario.

First of all decide which type of burglar bar you want to install. This decision should be made by keeping in consideration the escaping routes which should be easily accessible by you or your family during the times of emergency like fire or natural calamity. As a process of installing burglar bars you should begin by measuring the vertical height of the window’s opening section. Find the center of the window by dividing the height by two. Mark the center with a pencil from both the sides of the window frame.


On the other hand, burglar bars are more cost effective, maintenance free and with basic DIY skills, anyone can easily fit them. As well as serving a very good visual deterrent, burglar bars can be the barrier you are looking for to protect your windows from breaking when having kids playing outside your premises.


There are lots of designs available in the market for you to select. There are some which come with flowery designs and some are just simple without any decoration. The price also varies depending on the size and your designs. A complicated design may cost you more.


Overall, burglar bars can be a wise security addition for any house. It can be a good way to prevent intruders from entering your house. It can easily make you feel more protected and less concerned about what may happen while you are not at home. When combined with a home security system, you should feel more at ease with leaving your house unattended while you enjoy your life.