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swing gate midrand
swing gate midrand

Driveway Gates

Driveway gates – Installation and repairs of driveway gates. Full design, manufacture and installation of sliding driveway gates and swing gates.


Choosing a driveway gate greatly depends on the style and its intended purpose. A simple timber gate that blends in seamlessly with the fence or wall provides a traditional look and feel. Alternatively, a solid timber clad or wrought iron gate can offer a greater level of privacy and security for your home.

Driveway Gates and Driveway Gate Repair


Carports – Since not every home is built with a garage and not all car owners can afford to have their own garages at home, they look for alternative solutions to protect their cars. And the solution is a carport.


Steel carports are a perfect choice for commercial properties including office spaces, retail spaces and even apartment complexes. Steel carports provide many benefits, depending upon the type of property you own and the type of carport installed. Just some of the many benefits.

Carports and Carport Repairs

Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing – Steel palisade is an efficient, very safe fence solution. The palisade fence is normally made utilizing steel, making it durable and also hard to break down whilst the design alone offers a solid visual discouragement.

Spikes atop Palisade panels make the climb extremely difficult as well as awkward should an intruder make it to the top. Palisade is very popular when it pertains to industrial and also business sites. It gives reasonable maintenance and easy solution to protecting perimeters.


Common palisade fencing panels are readily available with 16 pales per 3M wide panel, of either 25mm, 30mm, or 40mm pale sizes. Various other non-standard kind panels might be made to clients requirements.

Palisade Fencing and Palisade Fence Repairs

Steel Balustrades

Balustrades are being used in homes, offices, plazas, and shopping malls and almost everywhere you look.

Balustrades is also another form of railing and mainly used when building staircases, porches, outdoor stairs and various other attributes of a home or business.


There are many options of balustrades available in the market today and you can select from pre-made balustrades all the way to custom designs. Finding a perfect balustrade for your purpose.

Balustrades and Balustrade Repairs

Security Gates

Security gates are the easy way to guarantee the security of your home or business. Though ideal for large areas, security fencing and electric security gates are also useful for medium and small sized properties. The use of security gates, has found its niche in the market today.

For those who find the security of their premises to be important (be it residential or commercial), electric security gates are the way to go.


So when considering the best ways to protect your domestic and business premises, you need to focus on the main point of vulnerability – your doors and windows. In order to effectively block intruders from entering via your doors and windows, you need security gates and grilles.

Security Gates and Security Gate Repair

Burglar Bars

Burglar Bars – There is no doubt that burglar bars are the perfect external window security solution. Now, we are left with the dilemma in choosing the right one. In the back of our mind, we want to protect our premises but at the same time spend the right amount of money in doing so.


Burglar bars consist of a frame with bars in between. It is made of stainless steel or aluminum due to their anti corrosion properties. If you opt for a cheaper bar, you can go for normal steel material with quality coating and painting and the maintenance for this type of material is usually higher.


So, make sure you take this into account before decide on the material you prefer.

Burglar Bars and Burglar Bar Repairs


There are many types of steel staircases designs for you to choose or you can even design your own based on your creativity. One of the simplest designs is a straight staircase.


It is simple and it is usually designed in an “L” shape. You can opt to have the stairs with or without railings. Some people who are creative enough might think of ways to fully utilize the stairs. There are designs to build drawers below the surface of the stairs. You can keep your shoes, books or other small rarely used items in the drawers.


Saving space in homes is critical since contemporary families have so many more things that require a place of their own than their counterparts of a few decades ago. All of those things must be taken care of, and well thought out steel stairs are just one way to utilize space wisely.

Staircases and Staircase Repair


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